Transparency Report: Safer Email

Transparency Report: Safer Email

Website design and build.  2013.

Contextualizing data, in order to apply pressure to peers, who should be working hard to safeguard users.

Google Outs The Encryption-Challenged

“[Google] added some interesting new data to its “Safer Email” transparency report—namely, the fact that about half of email received by its Gmail service arrives with no encryption that would protect it from prying eyes on the Internet. Its report also calls out the worst offenders among other major email providers—among them, cable giant Comcast.

“That dig apparently got a rise out of Comcast, which piped up to announce that it, too, has plans to protect emails from unauthorized snooping.”

Visit the Transparency Report. Produced by Blue State Digital for Google.

  • Creative direction and copywriting: Chris Royalty.
  • Design: Jenna Steely and Andrea Noble.
  • Illustrations: Andy Zimbelman.
  • UX: Daniel Kalick.
  • Development: Jeff Greco.
  • Project and account management: Ben Murray and Nicole Hampton.