Transparency Report: Government Surveillance

Transparency Report: Government Surveillance

Social media communications. 2013.

This project helped Google convey significant policy frustrations around government surveillance of internet users – by translating a wonky issue into consumer-ready social content with unmistakably bold visuals.

From the Atlantic 

“Today brings the release of the first Transparency Report since the Snowden revelations about widespread government surveillance, and Google’s tone has changed dramatically.

“Three pretty boxes of Googlified data, and then this mess.

“Google, it says, has been pressing the U.S. government for more leeway about what it can tell Internet users about its relationship with America’s national security apparatus. Unfortunately for users, that means persisting in a state of poor and often conflicting information about the security and use of the bytes and bytes of data we all create every single day.”

Produced by Blue State Digital for Google Take Action.

  • Creative direction and art direction: Chris Royalty.
  • Design: Jamielyn Smith.
  • Project and account management: Ben Murray and Julia Batenhorst.