Of the records I bought, heard, and explored, here is my top 10. I weighted towards what I played the most.

  1. Merchandise  – After the End
  2. Protomartyr – Under Color of Official Right
    (This was basically a tie – but the Merchandise album is so unabashed enjoyable that if I could only listen to 1 of these again, it’d win)
  3. Ex Hex – Rips
  4. Total Control – Typical System
  5. Ty Segall – Manipulator
  6. Connections – Into Sixes
  7. Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather
  8. Naomi Punk – Television Man
  9. Hospitality – Trouble
  10. Violent Change – A Celebration of Taste

I didn’t hear but might have liked the new Deerhoof, Shellac, and Andy Stott records.

Of reissues that I hadn’t heard before, I can’t get enough of The Flesh Eaters’ Minute to Pray and Owen Maerks Teenage Sex Therapists – those would best any of 2014’s new releases. Tommy Keene’s Strange Alliance is also an excellent new-to-me record.

Best trips buying music were Mystery Train records in Gloucester, MA, and a everything-is-three-bucks street sale in Oakland.