Google Fiber: Community Building

Google Fiber: Community Building

Email and social media marketing. Site design and copywriting. 2013 – 2016.

Across multiple city launches, we worked with the Google Fiber team to build communities of fans around their revolutionary high-speed internet.

Putting a local spin on city launches:

Google Fiber neon sign gif

Judy Paul Google Fiber t-shirt


Making extremely technical processes into easy-to-understand content:

Google Fiber checklist

Keeping a sense of humor and showing personality:

google fiber april fools

google fiber nashville shirt

Produced by Blue State Digital for Google Fiber.

  • Creative direction, campaign concepts, and copywriting: Chris Royalty.
  • Design: Jenna Steely.
  • Illustration: Rob Laliberte.
  • Copywriting: Missy Kurzweil.
  • Project and account management: Ben Murray and Alex Kracov.