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David Plouffe Strategy Update

One of a series of videos produced during the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Each was shot in just 1 or 2 takes using a Macbook webcam –…

Obama 2008: The History of Project Vote

Produced during the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign to explore the candidate’s work in a 1992 Chicago-area voter registration drive.

Before and After the Storm

At the 1976 Republican National Convention, Ronald Reagan gave an impromptu speech about nuclear war and our debt to future generations. This video transposes that speech to an…

Participating in a Prediction

Documentation of 2007 MFA thesis installation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This video installation (which combines an analog black-and-white video camera, custom time delay software,…


After the Tet Offensive, Robert Kennedy gave a speech in Chicago that acknowledged the improbability of military victory in Vietnam. This video revisits that speech to study the…

Interruption No 7: People Get Caught Up

The soundtrack to a 2005 local news broadcast about Black Friday shopping disasters is performed live before an audience, providing a laugh-track to coverage of consumer spectacle.

Interruption No. 5: The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year Only Comes Once a Year

A Chicago-area local news broadcast from 1999 is overdubbed verbatim, as holiday shoppers eagerly await special Christmas deals. Footage discovered on VHS tape at area thrift store.